8 Situations When Brits Behave Differently from Americans

8 Situations When Brits Behave Differently from Americans
So when someone breaks with this unwritten rule and puts their bottom next to your bottom, it makes you furious. What if they … Fast food places just “thank you” because “please” seems to be lost in the midst of chaos. It's just good … I've been in …
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The Outbound Travel Website Makes Picking Up A Daring New Hobby Easier
The view of the bay from the top makes the grueling workout worth it. … If your adrenaline pumps just watching <em>The Fast and the Furious</em>, your heart will feel like it's about to come out of your chest when you experience the real thing …
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Two Lost Decades Later
For the three main principles involved, however, their lives assumed a level of madness over the next 20 years. Two fighters lost their … There's a nine-car garage, a two-lane bowling alley, five dens, three kitchens. The master suite is … That …
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